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Why You Must Find A Solution For Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels

Pigeons can certainly make the sky look much more beautiful. The way they fly in groups and add beauty to the nature can be astonishing to look at. However, all of that astonishment instantly disappears when those pigeons decide to target your solar panels and make the nests underneath them. Fending off the birds all the time can be difficult, and you never know when they might decide to make a nest under them when you are not around. You cannot be always keeping an eye on your solar panels, but you cannot also leave the pigeons ignored either. Solar panels can be expensive, and pigeon waste is the last thing you want on them. This is why, to find a solution for bird mite treatment, consider hiring experts.

There are many people who face this infuriating problem with pigeons and how they raise the maintenance cost of their solar panels. However, this is not as big of a problem to solve if you get expert assistance. So, why you need to find a solution for solar panel mesh? Let’s see.

Maintenance Cost

The main reason why people install solar panels is so they can reduce their overall energy bills. However, it would be pointless if the cost you save on electricity is compensated in the form of maintenance of your solar panels. Pigeon nesting under solar panels can make the cost of the maintenance of your solar panels extremely high. So, it is important to consult experts to find a solution to this problem so all your time is not spent cleaning the solar panels yourself or hiring expert solar panel cleaners for the job.

Avoid Nesting

There are two ways to ensure that you can find the solution for pigeon nesting under solar panels. The first way of course is to remove the nests. Some people might think it is cruel, but if you do not remove the nests, then they will also become a reason for mite infestation and possibly contribute to the presence of different bacteria’s and disease. Experts are going to remove the nest and then use bird nettings so no pigeons can even come near your solar panels. Removing the nests alone is pointless, because birds are persistent and they will just come back after some time.


If your solar panels are dirty or in other words, covered with bird waste then their efficiency can be effected. If you want to reap maximum benefits from your solar panels, then finding a way to keep them safe from bird waste is essential. So, hire experts to find a solution for pigeon nesting under solar panels so you can spend your life in peace.

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